About company

When we started?

We started Global Trust in 2002, after several years of freelance work as a team of translators dedicated to written translation and localization. Since then, we have provided linguistics services in Azerbaijan. In about almost 15 years of service, we are very confident in our expertise.

What we do best?

Written Translations is our core business, along with Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting. In written translations we use almost all publicly available or client specific CAT tools, help clients create glossaries, work with client translators to establish approved terminology.

We are also very experienced in interpreting. Since we own a Simultaneous Interpretation System, we used this as a privilege to train new simultaneous interpreters.

Why select us?

Simple! We are professionals with 15 years of experience in only English, Russian and Azeri language pairs. We will provide you with fast, efficient, effective and quality translations into Azerbaijani.
Each of our translators specializes in particular areas and possesses all the qualifications, tools and experience to provide you with highly “polished” translated materials.

Areas of Expertise


At Global Trust, we understand the importance of every project and the importance of providing a total quality solution for our customers. Our commitment to quality consists in working in a reliable, responsible and professional manner to offer our clients a complete and flexible service.