Interpretation services for conferences, seminars, meetings, conventions and presentations.

What is Consecutive interpretation?

The consecutive interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or an idea, and then renders the speaker’s words into the target language. Generally speaking, the more formal the setting, the longer the segments should be. Our interpreters are trained in special note-taking and memory techniques that enable them to render long passages accurately.

Consecutive interpretation is best suited for situations involving a small number of people, or where a personal touch is required. Examples would be business meetings, press conferences, interviews, teleconferences, or any type of one-on-one exchange.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

In simultaneous interpretation, the participants wear headphones, and the interpreter renders the speaker’s words into the target language as he or she is speaking. Owing to the tremendous level of concentration required to perform this type of interpretation, simultaneous interpreters always work in teams of two. Usually, the interpreters work in a sound-proof booth that enables everyone involved to focus on their work without the distraction of hearing another language.

Because this mode of interpreting saves time, it is preferred for conferences and meetings in which a great deal of information has to be conveyed. The use of audio equipment also means that there is no limit to the number of people who can participate.

Things to be aware of…

Of the different categories of interpreting, simultaneous (conference) interpreting is by far the most demanding.

A minimum of 2 interpreters are required. If you require this service for a whole day it will be necessary to source at least two interpreters due to the mental fatigue experienced by the work.

Specialist equipment is required. It should be kept in mind that the nature of this work requires specialist equipment if the client does not wish for ‘whispering interpreting’. Usually, the interpreter sits in a special booth and his or her voice is broadcast to miniature receiving units which are given out to each of the event participants. Global Trust supplies such equipment directly. Visit our Equipment page for more detailed information.

Background information. Having adequate and timely background information ahead of a simultaneous interpreting assignment is vital. As the interpreting is being done real-time, there is no scope for going back and correcting mistakes.

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