Global Service for Global Clients

Our native speaking translators can translate your documents from major languages into Azeri and Russian. We provide Azeri translations in many fields including military, law-enforcement, legal, medical, engineering telecommunications and information technologies.

All Global Trust translation jobs pass through a three-tier level of translation – (1) initial translation, (2) proofreading and (3) editing – to ensure high quality and cultural accuracy.

For all your documents and complex project quotes contact Global Trust. If you wish to get a quote on a language that is not available on this page, please contact us with your requirements.

We mainly specialize in translations to and from Azerbaijani language. We translate between the following pairs of languages:

English into Azerbaijani(Azeri)
Russian into Azerbaijani(Azeri)

Azerbaijani(Azeri) into English
Azerbaijani(Azeri) into Russian