Our experience from working on several complex projects across industries has helped us to build a wealth of continually evolving translation know-how. We focus our translating practice along different Areas of Expertise.

Military and Law-enforcement

We have experience in following fields: forensic science, firearms, counter terrorism, WMD counter proliferation, chemical-biological weapons, anti-narcotics, anti-smuggling, explosives, military engineering, border security, etc.

Legal and Commercial

We translate any legal documents, including contracts, agreements, presentations, business cards, patent descriptions & applications, diplomas, certificates, identity certificate, marriage certificates, last wills and testaments.

Technical texts

Instructions, user and operating manuals, trademarks, ship’s deck logs, architectural drawings.

Financial documents

Accounting, administration, annual reports, banking, finance, general business, insurance, management, insurance policies.


Multilingual brochures & leaflets, menus, folders, brochures, travel books, magazine articles & literary material, film scripts, sport, music, literature, education.

Science and Education

Agriculture, biology, chemistry, environment, food and drink industry, medicine and pharmaceutics, natural science, nuclear and industrial science, social science, psychology, veterinary science.

Public Opinion Polls and Charts

Translation of Public Opinion polls and charts. Translation of social research reports.

Engineering and Technology

Information technology, automobile engineering, building and construction, chemical engineering, civil and structural engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, machine tools, mechanical engineering.

Software and Computers

Questionnaire questions, UI files, software, websites, and statistical reports.